Water Conservation

Why is water conservation important? Because water isn't as abundant a resource as we think it is. Of all the water present on the planet, only about .008% is available for human consumption. An article in ECOnomically Sound shares some facts and observations about this finite resource.

There are numerous water conservation tips for you to act on, and act you must.

Implementing a towel and sheet re-use program saves not only water but also energy, soap, and labor. The combined financial savings alone makes it worthwhile, but the water savings is like putting money in the bank; you'll have water available for your use, at a reasonable price, in the future.

Low-flow toilets are better than ever. Not only do they flush better but also they come in dual flush styles so you can save even more water. Waterless urinals also save a great amount of water.

Flow restrictors also have improved. You no longer have to settle for the pins-and-needles shower that once was the halmmark of shower head flow restrictors. You can even get shower massaging heads that are flow restricted to 2 gallons per minute.

Planting your garden with xeric plants gives you the option of lush, green gardens that don't normally require more water than falls from the sky usually. There are techniques and styles you can use to enhance the natural beauty of a xeric garden so you will save money and water, and impress your guests with beautiful gardens.