Serving Organic Foods

The advantages of organic food are many. It tastes better. It is of better quality. And it benefits your image because it shows you care. Quite frequently it's locally grown, meaning you are supporting the local economy too. And since the food is grown without pesticides or fertilizers, reliance on petroleum products is reduced.

The better taste of organic food comes from letting it mature "on the vine", rather than being forced to ripen with gases. And if the food is raised and grown locally, the taste is improved by having a shorter time between harvest and serving. Organic foods grow in soil that's nourished with compost, rich in nutrients and organic matter; that soil nourishment benefits the plants.

Organic food quality comes from the product being health and thus not being attacked by bugs or diseases. If it's locally grown or raised, then the time from being harvested to served is shorter, increasing the quality. Quality even benefits from more personal attention being given to the growing and harvesting

When you show you care by providing the best tasting and quality food, your guests recognize that and appreciate it. When people know they matter, they respond with referrals and being return guests. And that's the best way to keep your business strong and growing.